Watering and Landscaping Tips

Remember to Conserve

Water conservation guidelines for landscaping and irrigation systems are necessary to preserve and protect the health and safety of the city’s residents to ensure an ample water supply for the City of Idalou.

Water Smart Landscaping

Texas’ water resources are stressed due to drought, population growth, and our changing climate. Water Smart landscaping simply means landscaping with plants that do well in the local climate without requiring much, if any, additional water beyond normal rainfall.

Optimally, a well planned water smart would require no additional water other than what is naturally occurring. However, new plantings need to be watered until they are established.

Water Smart Landscaping come in a wide variety of aesthetic preferences; to landscape water efficiently does not mean sacrificing beauty..

Drought Tolerant Lawn Grasses

Bermuda Varieties: Celebration, GN1, Tex Turf, Tifway 419, Common, Grimes EXP, and Tif Sport
Buffalo Varieties: All varieties
Zoysia Varieties: El Toro, Empire, Jamur, and Palisades

How to Improve Your Irrigation System

Have a state licensed irrigator submit a detailed plan and schematic of an irrigation system (including any new system, the refurbishing of any existing system, and any extension of any existing system) to be installed within the city to the Public Works Department for guidance.

All new and refurbished sprinkler systems should have rain sensors installed in the system.

The design of all new, refurbished or extensions of existing sprinkler systems should include water conservation features, such as sprinkler heads which emit large drops of water rather than a fine mist, the use of drip irrigation where possible and sprinkler system layouts that limit the impact of the wind.

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