Virtual Court

Beginning September 1, 2020, the Idalou Municipal Court will offer virtual sessions as a new service to defendants, the Court is offering virtual court hearings using the Zoom application! Virtual court allows defendants to resolve eligible cases remotely in the comfort of their own homes or offices through a video conference with a judge.

Virtual court has many advantages and conveniences. Defendants will be able to quickly speak to a Judge or a Prosecutor regarding their case.  Defendants that participate in virtual court hearings will have the same legal rights as those that appear in person without the requirement of waiting in line or returning to Court for a scheduled docket. Virtual court will promote recommended social distancing.

Defendants have the same opportunities for payment plans, driving safety course or deferred disposition. *These options are also available online to qualified defendants. Please review the Court’s website to see if you are eligible for the driving safety course or deferred disposition. You may be able to resolve your case without requesting a court hearing.

Virtual court will allow a defendant to remotely:                 

  • Enter a Plea of Not Guilty and request a trial by a Judge or a Jury
  • Enter a Plea of Guilty or No Contest and request a payment plan, community service, the driving safety course or deferred disposition.
  • Request an extension of a due date
  • Appear in response to a Revocation Hearing or Show Cause Order

Virtual court is available First and Third Tuesdays at 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM. You must first request an virtual court hearing with the clerk.  You may request an virtual court hearing by submitting the form online. The clerk’s office will contact you with the date and time of your scheduled hearing.

You cannot participate in virtual court if you are under the age of 17 years or you are charged with a Criminal Violation, an Alcohol Violation or the Court cannot confirm your identity. The clerk will notify you by email if you are not eligible to participate and you will be set for an in-person hearing.

You must have a webcam or built-in camera with sound and video on your device for virtual court (the camera on your phone will work for Zoom).  You must have a stable and fast internet connection. You will be required to install the Zoom application before the hearing begins. Please see the instructions video.

Defendents are not permitted to record the virtual court or Zoom Hearing.

Idalou virtual court image

Contact :

Denise Chumley-Court Clerk

City Secretary

301 Main Street
Idalou, TX 79329

Ph: (806) 892-2531
Fax: (806) 892-3298