Code Enforcement

The City of Idalou is responsible forhandling all matters related to code enforcement.

Abatement of code violations, in some cases, may take several days or even weeks. The City must first notify the property owner of the violation by certified letter. In most cases, the property owner (or tenant) has 10 days to resolve the violation. If the violation remains after 10 days, the city issues a citation and fine. For tall grass, the city will contract with a company to mow the area, fining the owner and placing a lien on the property. For other violations, citations and fines continue to be issued until the problem is cured. Only in extreme cases will the city go in and clear the property of the violation if it presents a public health and safety hazard.

Please review the City’s most Common Code Violations for more information.

In addition, you may report a violation online by completing the Idalou Police Department Complaint Form, or you can contact the Idalou Police Department at (806) 892-2500.

Contact :

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