Idalou EMS History

From the best accounts the local funeral home was the primary provider of medical services up until somewhere around 1961-1962. At that time the Idalou Ambulance Service was formed and a 1971 Chevrolet suburban was purchased as the primary response unit. Idalou had one EMT and 6-8 members of the fire department who staffed the service. The new ambulance was purchased by adding a $1.00 charge to the water bills.

In 1975 the Lubbock County Hospital District (LCHD) and Lubbock County EMS were formed. The City of Idalou was a member of the LCHD, and this is the system that we currently have in place for Idalou EMS. LCHD purchased every city in Lubbock County a modular ambulance, and in December of 1975 a “modular box” type ambulance was delivered to the City of Idalou. When the unit arrived it was fully stocked with the equipment and supplies required by the State of Texas to be considered a fully functional ambulance. There were 2 EMT’s (Tim and Key Ward) at the time, which allowed the City of Idalou to be one of the first in Lubbock County to receive a unit. At the time an EMT was the only level of EMS certification. In January of 1976 there were 5 individuals who attended and completed the basic EMT class. As EMS continued to grow in the state the first paramedic class was held in Lubbock in 1979, with 2 members of Idalou EMS attending. Two other members attended the 1980 class, and it was a goal at that time to have at least one person from Idalou EMS in one of the EMT training classes each year.

The next major event for Idalou EMS was the arrival of a 1989 Ford modular ambulance. This new unit was equipped with a diesel engine and a rear axle with dual wheels for better stability. The new unit coincided with the implementation of the Lubbock County Emergency Communication District and the introduction of 911 service for Lubbock County. Idalou EMS had 15 members in all certification levels, 3 EMT’s, 2 EMT-I’s and 10 EMT-P’s. Members were all volunteer and worked a shift with 2 other members every third day. Developments in technology and equipment, along with the medical protocols for initiating patient care have moved Idalou EMS and Lubbock County to the forefront in EMS.

The need for more space and new equipment were two determining factors for Idalou EMS to build a new station on the West end of town in 2003. The new station was designed with the idea of one day having one full time paid paramedic position in order to provide around the clock EMS coverage for the citizens of Idalou. In April of 2007 the first full time paramedic position was approved and staffed. Currently there are 10 individuals certified as paramedics that staff this position. The second crew member is staffed by local volunteers who continue to serve the City of Idalou.

Lubbock County EMS continues to provide trucks and equipment, along with training and other needs to all of the Lubbock County EMS services.

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