From the Chief's Desk

My name is Eric Williams and it is my honor and privilege to serve as the chief of police in Idalou. As a 1987 graduate of Idalou High School and having lived in the Idalou area for most of my life, I am excited to see all of the growth in so many facets of this great community. The city government, fire department, EMS, public works, businesses, churches, organizations and especially the school in Idalou are filled with wonderful people that make this truly our home town. In the course of 18 years in law enforcement and conducting training for law enforcement agencies, hospitals, schools and churches all over the state of Texas and Oklahoma, I have always been amazed that people from everywhere I have been have known someone from Idalou or have been to Idalou.

We have an awesome community that is a safe place to raise our families and grow businesses. The Idalou Police Department is committed to ensuring it stays safe as the community grows and moves into the future. To ensure this, the door to my office is always open for anyone to visit with me concerning any issues or suggestions for the department or safety of Idalou. We are here for you.

Chief Eric Williams