The Municipal Court of Idalou is responsible for conducting hearings and trials, collecting fines, issuing warrants, and reporting convictions for offenses which occurred within the City of Idalou all while being fair and impartial to all who come before the Court.

The Municipal Court is open from 8am to 5pm (Monday - Friday). The Municipal Court Judge is available every Tuesday from 9am to 4pm.  Please note, our drive through window is also available every day to make payments as well as talk to someone about your citation. 


  THIS COURT OFFERS YOU A “SAFE HARBOR” TO TURN YOURSELF IN ON CLASS C WARRANTS ISSUED BY THIS COURT: In order to promote justice, ensure due process and the equal treatment of all persons, some of whom may be indigent or facing financial hardships, and to help clear outstanding arrest warrants and capiases, this court has a policy that it will not arrest or jail any person who voluntarily surrenders herself/himself to this court on warrants issued by our court, if you make a good-faith effort to resolve the case before you are arrested and the warrant is executed. In other words, if you have active Class C misdemeanor warrants issued by this court and you voluntarily come in to court YOU WILL NOT BE ARRESTED, THE WARRANT(S) WILL BE RECALLED, AND YOU WILL BE GIVEN A COURT DATE TO SPEAK TO THE JUDGE ABOUT YOUR CASE, WITHOUT FEAR OF BEING ARRESTED.


Where can I pay my ticket?
What forms of payments does the Municipal Court accept?


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Denise Chumley-Court Clerk
301 Main Street
Idalou, TX 79329
Ph:(806) 892-2531
Fax: (806) 892-3298





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